Partner on Site

Many years ago, we had the privilege of meeting Andrew Onguka. Then, as our friendship and vision to partner with Andrew grew, he introduced us to his new bride, Stephanie. Now, after years of training, Pastor Andrew and Dr. Stephanie Onguka are fulfilling their much-awaited dream to serve the bright but needy students in Kenya. We gladly partner with them, pray for them, and periodically visit with them in person. (Trip coming soon!)

OneLifeAfrica, our Kenyan-based Non-Government Organization (NGO), is a Christian leadership development program designed to provide Christian discipleship, education scholarships, entrepreneurship support and community service, equipping at-risk young people from Kenyan slums who graduate from high school to transition into a sustainable adulthood. If you would like to learn more about our on-the-ground partner, you can check them out here.

OneLife Africa is our Kenyan affiliate. We distinguish location by names: Bridge Ministries is our USA arm; OneLife Africa is our Kenyan arm.