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...through individual scholarships and on-site training at OneLife Africa Student Discipleship Center.

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Knowing God

Meet Our Students

We are a small, nonprofit ministry based out of Minden, Nevada, USA. We are committed to Christ and His children. There is no richer place to dwell than exactly where God calls us; we feel called to this place by Him. And we trust that although He doesn’t need us to do His work, He invites us to serve.

Our organization is composed of two interrelated organizations. OneLife Africa is our Kenyan affiliate. We distinguish location by names: Bridge Ministries is our USA arm; OneLife Africa is our Kenyan arm of our ministry.

Latest Student Stories

Latest Student Stories

Learn what our students and graduates are accomplishing. From learning and growing, to serving their communities, they are making great strides in making an impact in the world around them.

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OneLife Africa Student and Alumni Interviews 2023

OneLife Africa Student and Alumni Interviews 2023

Listen to the stories of how OneLife Africa is making large and meaningful changes in the lives of our students. Visit our channel on YouTube.

End of Year Giving Opportunities

End of Year Giving Opportunities

Core Distinctions

  • A genuine commitment and confidence in Christ Jesus
  • A heartfelt devotion for those suffering from spiritual and physical poverty, with an emphasis on the children in such situations.
  • A passionate dedication to education and scholarship
  • A commitment to rigorous financial stewardship
  • A firm dedication to the mentoring and training of future leaders, particularly in Kenya

Our Mission

To minister to the poor in Jesus’ name by:

  • working with local believers to meet basic physical needs.
  • educating and training the poor so that one day they might meet their own needs.
  • discipling & building relationships on both sides of our bridge based on our shared faith in Jesus Christ…all for the glory of God.

Our Model

There are many outstanding missions organizations that rescue and sponsor children around the world. Their goal is to feed, educate, and minister to as many young children as possible. Because of the related costs of an education as a child grows, these organizations have found it necessary to limit sponsorship through eighth grade. That is where we have stepped in.

Our model is simple:

Find those at-risk, non-sponsored students who have placed high enough on Kenyan national exams to be matched with Kenyan high schools.
After a thorough application and interview process along with any family cooperation available, we partner with these students to provide high quality education, mostly at boarding schools.
The overall health and well-being of these students is monitored by our on-site OneLifeAfrica staff. We provide funds for full tuition, food, supplies, summer camp, a Christmas banquet, and a mentoring program. Tribal reconciliation, leadership, and Christian service are also highly valued elements of our program.
After four years of high school, we hope to extend this vision into higher forms of education.
We dream of adding a vocational school. We understand that by only using academic achievement in our initial selection of students, we are missing out on many opportunities to help other deserving teens that are not being reached and have no way to enter school. One practical way to meet the needs of a broader range of students would be with a vocational school where teens could learn valuable trade in a safe, secure, loving environment. We are currently looking for land to start this Kenyan project. We envision Western tradespeople coming for an extended stay in Kenya to train the students in their area of expertise.