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...through individual scholarships and on-site training at the OneLife Africa Student Discipleship Center.

November Newsletter

In 2011, Andrew, with his wife Stephanie, moved to Nairobi-Kenya to implement OneLife Africa (OLA). This scholarship and discipleship program has since brought hope to hundreds of young people who would likely have been burdened by crime, intense poverty, or worse, even death. In Kenya, it costs money to go to high school-- the average cost per student per year is $1,000 when many families make around $1 a day. The result of this is that young people face insurmountable odds to obtain a high school education. OLA provides scholarships to orphans and children...
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What would receiving hope look like to you? For high school students from the poorest slums in Kenya, hope is the gift of a secondary education.

Listen to young men and women who have scored in the top 7% of all secondary students tell what it’s like to receive a secondary education scholarship through Bridge Ministries (USA) and OneLife Africa (Kenya). Their vibrant faith in Jesus Christ shines through, even in the midst of the enormous challenges they face in their daily lives.