Hallelujah Toffee

Hallelujah Toffee started in 2001 in a high school teachers’ lounge, where a young schoolteacher sold her homemade toffee to help pay for her husband’s medical school tuition. Combining this very practical need for education with an old family recipe was only the beginning. As the initial goal was achieved, Hallelujah Toffee was able to find an even greater purpose, one that unfolded when heartfelt love for Jesus Christ was paired with a specific need to love His children in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya.

Now, Hallelujah Toffee is comprised of an all-volunteer staff that vows to dedicate countless autumn hours to their mutually held passions – Jesus, His love for the orphans, and their very practical need for secondary education. And we meet all three of these goals with rich, nutty toffee! In 2011, this homegrown business stirred up over 800 pounds of handmade goodness, and one hundred percent of our profits went to 15 well-deserving students in Kenya. Each of these students is now receiving a full year of education, room and board, mentoring, and even summer camp. In 2012, we stirred up over 1,200 pounds of toffee, and added $2,000 to our annual earnings, all directed straight to our students.

Ironically, but perhaps not surprisingly, it is the volunteers at Hallelujah Toffee who feel so deeply blessed during the Christmas season, due largely to Bridge Ministries and the success of these current students. With this awareness, we have another goal – to give others the chance to participate. Whether you are giving Hallelujah Toffee as a Christmas gift, sharing our mission on social medias, selling it at your own Christmas event, or donning an apron and carrying a tray of samples, we believe you will find such contagious joy in the act.

Even now, preparations are under way for the 2013 holiday season. The enticing aroma of slow-cooking toffee will permeate our little valley beginning in November, and you can visit our website to purchase in mid-November.